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Leo Horoscope Leo Horoscope — Planetary Transits in Your Destiny The following planetary transits guide and shape your horoscope, Leo: Leo horoscope shows Jupiter transiting Scorpio in your 4th house from 30th March onwards. Jupiter is retrograding from 10th April to 11th August Till 7th November, chances of a promotion look good. After November, a salary raise is possible. Saturn will be in your 5th house in Sagittarius Leo, for the entire It will retrograde from 30th April to 10th September.

Jobholders would observe a mostly positive period.

As starts, Leo horoscope indicates Rahu is transiting Leo. From 7th March, it enters Gemini, and it will transit here for the rest of the year in the 11th house.

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Leo, Ketu is seen transiting Sagittarius in your 5th house from 7th March. Mars will transit your 8th house Leo, in Pisces as begins. Leo Career Horoscope — New Opportunities Await You Leo horoscope looks promising for your career, with new opportunities to shine. Key Highlights: Leo, you may invest in your work around March and April This would be a profitable step and your sincere efforts would earn you the desired profits.

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As indicated by the Leo horoscope , the month of April seems unfavorable for stepping into new partnerships. Around mid-year, avoid trying for a job change.

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This decision would most likely be out of anger or greed and would not be beneficial. Your horoscope suggests the time after September looks profitable for investing in a new business. Deal with your employees diplomatically. Around the end of , arguments with your workers might trouble you.

Key Highlights: Leo horoscope suggests you avoid making any kind of investments or a hefty expenditure around mid Increase in expenses on children is likely from June to August Control your spending habits near mid Rising expenses might cause trouble and you should be careful. After September, your horoscope speaks of a significant rise in your profits. Gains from old investments would further improve your finances during this period, Leo.

Sudden unexpected gains are possible for you Leo around November and December Key Highlights: Leo, if seeking a love marriage in , chances look good near the end of the year. Marriage life seems troubled from April to September , Leo.

Arguments due to old issues are possible. Be patient and control your anger. Speak softly for quick resolution. Leo horoscope indicates that awards or a recognition is likely for your spouse or love partner around November. Key Highlights: After March , Leo horoscope warns against possible issues due to a prolonged illness or ailment. In fact, the New Moon on the 5th, in the area of your chart connected with group activity and your long-term hopes and wishes, suggests the arrival of new friends, acquaintances or new group activity in your life.

The New Moon on the 5th occurs in Leo and the sector of your chart connected with your career or public image, giving you the opportunity to turn a page or make a new beginning somehow. And with Saturn here too, for a two year period, any hard work you have put into your career should finally start to produce a reward. If you are ambitious and have prepared well, then this can be the time of your greatest success. However, it can also be a time of great responsibility in your career or public life, which may put a strain on your home life, so it will important to find a balance.

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And your close personal relationships will not be helped by the six month long transit of Mars, your co-ruler, through Taurus, and the area of your chart connected with partnerships. If your partnerships are strong and this can be either business or personal then you will both achieve much during this time. Otherwise, an unwillingness to compromise on the part of one or both of you will create tension and antagonism.

The New Moon on the 5th in Taurus falls in the sector of your chart connected with travel and further education, suggesting that new plans in either of these directions are likely. But with Saturn here, too, for the next two years or so, any long distance journeys you make during this time are likely to be undertaken more for serious reasons or obligations than for pleasure.

Similarly, any further studies you undertake will be with a serious purpose in mind.

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  • But now that Mars has moved into Taurus, where it will stay for six months, work or health issues will come to the fore. Where work is concerned, you may be working very hard with little apparent appreciation for your efforts and there may be tension with work colleagues as you would prefer to work alone.

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    • And as far as health is concerned, you may get much more involved in a fitness and diet programme and put a lot of your energy into this. It would be good to work off any tension in such a way, to prevent a build-up of frustration. And while Saturn, your ruler remains in Leo for the next two years or so, your responsibilities in this area of your life are likely to be heavier and of a more serious concern to you.

      Borrowing money may be difficult during this period, so the New Moon is giving you the opportunity to take a new look or find a new solution with which to work. And there is a suggestion that a resolution can be found by the end of the month, with the Full Moon occurring in Aquarius and that part of your chart connected with your personal income or property. But you will also have to contend with the energy of Mars, which spends the next six months in Taurus, making self discipline difficult for you. It will encourage your creative side during this time, however, although children, if you have them, may give you more of a problem.

      The New Moon in Leo on the 5th is in the area of your chart connected with your partner or your closest relationships, indicating that a new beginning is possible, or that you have the opportunity to start afresh with a clean page. And while Saturn, the co-ruler of your sign, spends the next two years plus in Leo, the demands and responsibilities of your closest relationships may be heavier. You should stay away from controversies. You should take a resolution for getting rid of bad habits and bad companions. Second week should be comparatively better than the last week for you.

      You will get respite from the ongoing problems and you will draw new plans for your future. You will have a degree of satisfaction because of some momentum at business. You will have chances to sort out your differences with your business partner. People at jobs will also have favorable times ahead. Situations will also improve in office.